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How to book a spot at the Lido BRUNCH!

The Lido BRUNCH! is a highly anticipated and sought-after seasonal event, which is why seating availability fills up quickly.

The event is held every Sunday in two sessions: one in spring (from March to April) and one in autumn (from mid-September to mid-December).

The BRUNCH! takes place rain or shine. In the event of unfavorable weather, it is held in the heated indoor lounge. If the weather is nice, it takes place on the beachfront terrace.

Reservations can be made in two ways:

  • Fair weather only – This means that the reservation guarantees a spot exclusively outdoors.
  • Rain or shine – This means that the reservation is guaranteed, with indoor seating provided in case of bad weather.

Booking and Deposit Request

Booking allows the customer to secure their seat, avoid a wasted trip, and sit at the table exactly when they want. For the restaurateur, it enables better organization of table settings, orders from suppliers, as well as staff shifts.

However, this mechanism is bypassed in the case of a “no show,” an English term that was widely used in aviation and has become a constant in restaurants: customers who make a reservation but do not show up, without answering their phone, assuming they provided a correct number, and without giving any explanations. The restaurateur cannot fill those tables and suffers an economic loss: instead of the missing customer, there could have been other paying guests.

At the Lido, we request a deposit of CHF 10 per person. The amount will be fully deducted from the final bill for consumption during the BRUNCH!

Reservations can be canceled by 12:00 PM on the preceding day (e.g., Saturday). In this case, the amount will be refunded in full.

Last-minute cancellations or simply not showing up result in the full payment of the deposit and extinguish any right to a refund.

How to Book

The best way (up to 10 people) is to use the online service directly on this website.

Phone or email reservations will be redirected to the website, or a link will be activated to provide credit card credentials.